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Hello, my name is Frank Pereira and I am a custom WordPress and Graphic Designer based out of Providence Rhode Island and the founder of Ten12 Design. I currently have over 5 years of experience in WordPress, Photoshop and Illustrator. I manage 40+ WordPress websites including multiple graphic design projects for clients based in Rhode Island and throughout the United States.

I work closely with clients like Nicole Costa of Body Rock, Shayna Frasco a professional fitness trainer who has been featured in fitness magazines and Radio shows all around the Boston area. Katie Boyd a former Star of the Reality TV Show on “The Style Network Channel” cleverly entitled, “Wicked Fit” and has been featured in hundreds of publications as a fitness and nutrition expert as well as Boston’s Hottest Bodies, Top 100 Hot List as well as Boston’s Most Fashionable Top 50 List. Katie has also been featured on the Dr Oz Show bringing him the Curvy Girl Workout as well as quoted in Oprah’s O Magazine. April Soderstrom top-five finisher in the Miss Massachusetts USA pageant, she is a one-of-a-kind jewelry designer for pageant contestants. She is now the official jewelry sponsor of Miss Massachusetts USA, Miss California USA, Miss Maine USA, and Miss New Hampshire USA and has had many title holders across the country crowned wearing her couture designs. Katie Boyd owner of Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club located in Hudson, NH.


Ten12 Design is the perfect example of passion based entrepreneurialism helping drive and inspire other entrepreneurs to achieve possibilities that previously seemed impossible. By not limiting itself to one specific area of expertise, Ten12 helps fellow small businesses by offering photography, graphic designs, web design, and even facilitates marketing campaigns.

When a client comes to Ten12 Design, they simply bring a vision; Frank Pereira, owner of Ten12 Design, then uses his endless passions and commitment to excellence to create a one of a kind product. What sets Ten12 apart from typical companies is that Ten12 Design does not look at a project with the mentality of completing the project to the clients’ expectation as quickly as possible in order to move onto the next project; instead Ten12 Design makes each project a personal representation of the client as well as the company and then goes a mile further to look for ways to take the project and clients business to the next level through marketing and social media. Truly making Ten12 Design a one stop shop for small entrepreneurs.

This company does not view clients as just a source of profit but rather as a friend, learning experience, and a chance to help grow the passion that is driving the client’s business. Everyone has something they are passionate about, Ten12’s passion is helping take clients passions and make them into profitable businesses, allowing them to never work a day in their lives because they are doing what they love. It is because of this passion that makes Ten12 designs unlike any other company I have ever encountered in the 10 years I have been in the business world and it is also because of this passion that I am positive that this is only the tip of the iceberg for Ten12. As long as there are Webinars, how-to books, and a client with a passion… Ten12 will never slow down!” – Angela

WordPress and Graphic Designer


I really appreciate you getting this far down the my website, I hope you like what you see so far? Feel free to click a bit further to view my newest projects.

WordPress and Graphic Designer