Content Marketing and Social Networking

I was chatting with a friend over at about how to understand how social networking should work. Keep in mind we all do it in different ways, but at the end you really should be driving your customers to your website.

RaShonda Gibson of mentions that Facebook is like a dinner party with close friends. Twitter is a cocktail reception ( small talk, current events ). Instagram is a showcase of where you have been or what you ate (nice photos are key). Pinterest is separate boards for different topics. Snapchat only for Generation Z (late teens or early 20’s). Vine appeals tomillennials and videos should be funny. LinkedIn is the professional platform and consider it your ‘best dressed’ platform.

In all out these social network platforms are great tools to let others know about what you have but keep in mind you should be trying to draw you customers to your home base where all the info is located which is your website/store/blog. Blogging is key for your website, having a site up and just letting it sit there doesn’t really do anything. Thanks to for introducing me to Content marketing which is something to think about, it is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Once you draw your potential customer to your site that’s when you can display as much helpful info in hopes to grab their attention and generate a leads and collect emails so you can send out newsletters and any other info, we use and

Trying to market yourself on these platforms doesn’t work for everyone but understanding how to use them is key for your business.

I’m still learning new stuff everyday and the web is a place that can be overwhelming and tricky to master, but knowing this info can guide you towards the right direction.

Frank Pereira
Freelance Graphic and Web Designer of Providence RI

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