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Ten12 Design is a small business based in Providence, Rhode Island, specializes in web design and graphic design services. If you’re looking to establish a straightforward WordPress website or need a more advanced Ecommerce/WooCommerce platform to take your business online, our skilled web development team is here to breathe life into your vision and elevate your digital presence.

Founder and WordPress Graphic Designer Specialist Frank Pereira

Founder and Design Specialist

Frank Pereira

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, I am a WordPress Web and Graphic Designer with a focus on specialized services, including WordPress Website Design, WooCommerce eCommerce Solutions, and seamless integration of WordPress software with platforms like, Mailerlite, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact. My dedicated services cater to the needs of small local businesses in Rhode Island.

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How “Ten12 Design” got it’s name.

Many inquire about the origin of the name for my modest design company, Ten12 Design. It may sound somewhat whimsical to some, but its significance runs deep within me. Back in my teenage years, I nurtured a passionate love for riding the waves. I can vividly recall early mornings spent tuned into Peter Pan’s Surf Report on 95.5 WBRU, eagerly hoping for favorable beach conditions. When those magical days arrived, my friends and I would embark on an adventure, hopping on the RIPTA Bus bound for Scarborough Beach in Rhode Island. Riding waves held an inexplicable allure, and at that age, wave size was inconsequential; it was all about the camaraderie and the joy of embracing the sea’s wild beauty.

We knew that hurricane season was the time to watch the New England weather, eagerly awaiting the perfect storm to grace our local spots with great waves. There’s one season that etched itself into my memory, a season filled with unforgettable madness. Over the years, the image of the surf report’s description for that day remains firmly imprinted in my mind—10′-12′ foot seas.

For more than 30 years, the memory of that extraordinary day at the Lighthouse in Point Judith, Rhode Island, and those towering 10′-12′ foot waves, has stayed with me. It felt like the perfect and creatively compelling name for my web and graphic design company, Ten12 Design.

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