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How “Ten12 Design” got it’s name.

Most of my friends and clients ask me how I came up with the name for my design company Ten12 Design. It may sound a little cheesy to some but means alot to me. When I was a teenager I had this misunderstanding love for learning how to ride waves. There would be days that I would wake up early and listen to Peter Pan’s Surf Report on 95.5 WBRU and hope something was happening at the beach. When that day came me and my friends would jump on the RIPTA Bus and head to Scarborough Beach. Something about riding waves was always mind-blowing to me and at that age no size mattered, it was just being out there and enjoying life.

Hurricane season is the time to watch the weather in New England to see what would be brewing in the south. We saw that time of season to grab some waves if the storms would hit the right way at the local beaches. There was one season that always stuck in my mind to this day and the craziness it brought me. As I gotten older I always remembered the wave size the surf report mentioned for that day 10′-12′ foot seas. For me ten twelve stands for something I’m very passionate about. I believe if you are truly passionate about something in my case trying to ride waves or snowboarding then you can make it a reality. From that day forward I involved myself with the action sport industry, I worked and met so many great people that shared the same passion, it was truly amazing.

From that incredible day out at the Lighthouse in Point Judith, RI the wave size that hit 10′-12′ feet high stuck in my head for over 20 years, so I felt it would make an interesting and creative name for my freelance graphic design company.

For me “Ten Twelve” is about turning something you’re passionate about into a reality.

Please excuse the writing I am not the best writer at times. 🙂