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A good example of a WordPress Web Design is April Soderstrom’s website I built, her site has been featured on many television shows and national magazines. Recently she’s had jewelry featured in Fitness (cover), The Katie Couric TV Show, Seventeen, The Boston Herald, Real Simple, Southern Bride, People StyleWatch…


Ellie Fund

The Ellie Fund, a non-profit that fights breast cancer and provides free services to ease the effects on cancer patients and families.. To provide essential support services for breast cancer patients to ease the stresses of everyday life, allowing the focus to be on family, recovery and healing. Providing transportation to medical appointments, childcare, housekeeping, groceries and nutritious prepared/delivered meals free of charge through our Healing Together Patient and Family Care Program helps to relieve a patient’s burden while in treatment.

April Soderstrom

April Soderstrom Jewelry

April’s jewelry has been featured on many television shows and national magazines. Most recently she’s had jewelry featured in Fitness (cover), The Katie Couric TV Show, Seventeen, The Boston Herald, Real Simple, Southern Bride, People StyleWatch, Boston Common, Redbook, and Improper Bostonian, to name a few. Her designs have also been worn by contestants in national beauty pageants, including Miss USA and Miss World; by Keeping up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner; and have been featured on multiple seasons of the Bachelorette.

Over the past four years April has co-hosted an annual gala in Boston, drawing more than 300 attendees each year and raising over $100,000 for Cradles to Crayons, a local charity that provides children in need with clothes, school supplies, and other necessities essential to thrive in school.


28 Exeter at Newbury

Garland DeVane. A recognized hospitality leader in Boston, noted for developing strategic vision to achieve customized business goals, Garland DeVane, offers a unique blend of service disciplines and operational improvement to each client. As President and Owner of DeVane and Associates Hospitality Group, Inc., Garland has built a responsive organization that consistently delivers initiatives and system processes which substantially improve the residential living experience.

With a reputation for demanding service excellence, combined with a concurrent training model, Garland has successfully transferred an environment found typically in luxury branded hotel establishment into a residential setting. His experience as a former Starwood Culture of Service Trainer helps to support the foundational difference in expectation among his concierge professionals. His is a philosophy of improving individual capabilities through structured learning, this process enhances the service based systems and overall performance. Garland brings increased visibility to his method through the use of technology within the organization allowing associates and clients a spectrum of service point of reference.While at The Colonnade Hotel, Garland changed the expectation of service as previously defined by others formerly in his capacity.

He strengthened the reporting efficiencies of the night audit team while focusing on maintaining an exceptional service experience. As the managerial oversight, Garland developed and published a Daily Business summary to the hotel executives, allowing for accurate and ready financial information. Garland’s most significant accomplishment included the interfacing of each servicing hotel discipline to provide performance consistency, guest satisfaction, and recovery.

Dojo Sante Hudson NH

Dojo Sante – Hudson, New Hampshire

Sensei Matt Babine has been studying and teaching martial arts for over 20 years. He holds black belts in both Kempo Karate and Tae Kwon Do. He has been extremely fortunate to study under a number of superb teachers, including: Sensei Lou Hopkins, Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee; Master Seroj Bejanian, martial arts world champion and movie actor; Billy Blanks, winner of multiple karate world championships and founder of Tae Bo; Sifu Yao Li, founder of the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute.

Katie Boyd's Miss Fit Club

Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club – Hudson New Hampshire

Katie Boyd is the owner of Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club in Hudson, New Hampshire. Katie is the proud sponsor of the Miss Massachusetts, Miss New Hampshire and Miss Maine USA and Teen USA pageants. She is also the official sponsor to the Miss Massachusetts America Pageant. Katie was crowned Miss Taunton 1999, Miss Bristol County 2000, Miss Fall River 2002, and Miss New Bedford 2004. She placed Top 10 at Miss Massachusetts. Katie has over 20 years pageant experience and has been a Personal Trainer for 14 years. She is an Expert Rated Certified Sports Nutritionist and holds a Personal Training Certification through International Sports Sciences Association and a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts.

This former beauty queen shatters the stereotype of the prim-and-proper pageant girl. Now retired from the circuit, Katie is whipping the next generation of crown contenders into perfect form at her boutique women-only gym. She has a proven knowledge of nutrition, fitness and overall health and wellness, and she often plays the role of therapist as well—but even her sound advice is infused with humor. Strong-willed and stubborn, Katie is a perfectionist who’s not afraid to speak her mind. She is the Star of the Reality TV Show on The Style Network cleverly entitled, “Wicked Fit” and has been featured in hundreds of publications as a fitness and nutrition expert as well as Boston’s Hottest Bodies, Top 100 Hot List as well as Boston’s Most Fashionable Top 50 List. Katie has also been featured on the Dr Oz Show bringing him the Curvy Girl Workout as well as quoted in Oprah’s O Magazine. Katie resides in Hudson with her fiancé Matthew and step daughter Karina and Boston Terrier Skip. She is also in the midst of planning her wedding next Spring.


Shayna Frasco – Fitness Trainer, Spokesmodel, TV and Film

Shayna Frasco-Rose is a college graduate, certified trainer, nutritionist and new mom who has been in the fitness business for over 10 years now. She is a professional fitness model who has been featured in magazines, commercials, TV shows, radio & major motion pictures. She is a former female co-host for NBC Universal Sports MMA TV. Her modeling includes print work and spokes model work for clothing, hair products, sneakers, make-up, sports drinks and fitness equipment. She currently runs her own business that offers Boxing Bootcamp classes, Hip Hop Cardio, personal training and an online training program. She has produced her own motivational 2013 calendar, with a 2014 coming soon. Shayna wrote her first book, “The Trainer’s Journal” also known as : “Fat to Fit” in 2012. After having such a healthy, successful pregnancy and come-back, she is releasing a new book about nutrition and health during pregnancy by Dec 2013/the new year. This will also be for mothers in general. She takes pride in using her knowledge, experience and passion to help others live a happier life. – See more at: http://shaynafitness.com

TrakkAddixx MP3 Record Pool


TrakkAddixx Digital Record Pool is only for Professional DJs, Radio Stations, Artists, Labels & Industry Tastemakers. After you have joined our service we will verify that all members hold one of the aforementioned occupations. If you do not pass the verifications process you will be rejected as a member and your money will be refunded to you. TrakkAddixx reserves all rights for memberships. We go through great lengths to provide quality content & maintain the integrity of our service.

Kim Haber ItWorks

Kim Haber

My passion for people coupled with my passion for complete wellness makes It Works! a perfect vehicle for me to share my gifts with others and help them develop themselves to be all that they can be. The philosophy I continually strive for is complete wellness…Mind, Body and Spirit. What we feed our minds, what we believe to be true has such a great impact on how we live our lives. How well we nourish our bodies to be the healthiest it can be determines the quality of life we get to live. How well we feed ourselves spiritually will determine the peace we live in…or not. Being a part of my team will encourage you to develop in all of those areas so that you too can live your BEST LIFE now!!


Mighty Bomb – MBV2

Mighty Bomb Version 2 (MBV2) has been formulated to be unlike anything else on the market today! We offer the grower a unique product formulated with the highest quality, natural plant based ingredients. Safe for use on all food crops under FIFRA class 25b. Can be used on all indoor & outdoor plants, greenhouses, ornamentals and in turf & farm applications, mosquito fogging and food preparation areas etc. Our proprietary blend of natural insecticides, mildewcides and all natural plant boosters help defend your garden from biting insects such as mites, thrips, aphids, white flies, and fungus gnats in adult as well as larval and egg stages.

Skinny Miracle Itworks Wraps

Skinny Miracle Wraps

I have been working as an “It Works” distributor since September of 2011. It has truly been life changing for me and my entire family. Before “It Works” came into my life I was a bartender and I did skin care at a spa. Once I started a family it was hard for me to commit to spending so much time at the spa and less time from my children so I started working more bar shifts at night so I could be there during the days with the boys. After a while it became very exhausting and hard to only have a few hours sleep and be a full time mom in the morning!!

Ditch the Gluten

Ditch The Gluten – Monica Pietrzak

Allergies are a tricky thing. When I found out I had a gluten intolerance, I thought my foodie days were over. The first thing I said was “oh no I LOVE pasta and pizza!”. In fact, becoming gluten free a year ago has taught me to creatively view food.

I started this journey by first working as a resident food blogger and reporter (NESN) for Boston’s restaurants, nightlife and writing about my culinary journey. I was involved in pageants at the time and during my year as Miss Connecticut USA I learned a lot about health. What are we putting in our bodies? What is causing people to react to food? Is there a way to change or modify that….

What started as exploring the hip places to eat, turned into a love of what comes before the plate. The more I became immersed in the world of food, the more I started to learn about my own health, what works for people with allergies and health goals, even ways of changing favorites. I love to travel, experience how other cultures connect through food and bring these recipes home to my own kitchen.